GIMP is a free editor that is an excellent choice for working with raster graphics. The software differs from similar programs in convenience, extensibility with plug-ins and simplicity. With the help of GIMP, the user will be able not only to easily edit their photos by applying a variety of factory or custom filters and effects on them, but also transform both raster and vector drawings using built-in tools. The software is suitable for Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems. You can download the official version of GIMP for free using our website.

Features of GIMP

  • The editor interface is unusual. Instead of the usual line of tools, the GIMP menu is a miniature concentration of buttons.
  • The extension supports the display of two histograms: RAW, that is, internal, and Live, real. Using the "Exposure" control, you can change the illumination level of the image.
  • Supports a fairly large number of graphic formats. For example: PSD and ABR.
  • Editing tools are diverse. The user can work with masks, layers, filters and blending modes.
  • GIMP shows the actual size of the layer. Moving the image outside the canvas gives additional convenience to users.
  • There are many discoloration patterns in the software. The intelligent function allows you to choose one of the suggested options.

Using filters, tools, masks and layers with different types of overlay, you can:

  • crop photos;
  • remove defects like dust on the matrix;
  • simulate the use of different color filters;
  • restore lost detail in shadows.

Downloading of Software

To install GIMP on a computer or laptop, you need to select the appropriate link on our website and download the installation file. After installation, the utility icon will appear on the hardware screen. Done! You can use it.

Creating a transparent background

After the user selects an image to apply a transparent background, you need to go to the "Layer" section. In the dialog box that opens, you will need to click on the "Transparency" and "Add alpha Channel" buttons sequentially. After that, use the "Selection of adjacent areas" tool and click on the "Delete" button. That's it! The background has become transparent.


GIMP is a free raster graphics editor. Free software will help you solve a huge range of both simple and complex tasks for working with digital photos and images. The functionality of the popular graphic editor can be expanded with the help of numerous plugins.